KnowledgeBase (FAQ)

  • Do you have an Online Demo on You Tube?

    Yes Please refer to the below link for Online Demo on YouTube.

  • How to update credit card ?

    Either chat with us or send an email to support

  • How to process for purchase and implementation of AzureDesk?

    Once the trial expires you will be shown a Credit Card Page where you can buy the subscription.

  • I need to record the total hours of support contracted by a client and decrease them as they are consumed. Is there such functionality in the software?

    For this you can do it through custom fields.You can see how to create the custom fields using the following article

  • Is there an option with access web for clients?. This is so that customers can create their own tickets

    Yes the Customers can create tickets from the following URL by clicking on Submit Request and also track them using track request.

  • How to add a New Customer

    Adding a New Customer Customer are linked to Companies & can be added by navigating to Admin Menu ---> Customers tab --> Companies & click on New Customer Fill in all the mandatory fields first name, last name, Email & Company Name & click Add. NOTE:- Company Name by default is "Not Linked to any Company". So the added user is not linked to Any Company. When User selects the company name from the drop down than user gets linked to that Company.

  • How to set up Email forwarding

    Lets take an example of gmail account to create a forwarding rule. 1. Log into gmail account 2. Navigate to Settings 3. Click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP 4. Click on Add a Forwarding address 5. Enter a new forwarding email address (In our case it will be support 6. Click on Next 7. Click on Proceed 8. A verification code will be sent in the form of a ticket 9. Enter the verification code 10. Click on verify & all the emails will be forwarded to the support inbox. Refer Link :

  • What is Rules

    Rules are Business rules that defines the Actionable once the ticket is created. So you can define a condition and when ticket matches that condition than what operations to be performed.

  • Do trial account have access to all the AzureDesk features

    Yeah trial account has access to all the features & also there is no tier pricing at AzureDesk. One flat price 5$ and you have access to all the available features of AzureDesk

  • What is an Agent

    Agent is the user who has their own AzureDesk login account.

  • How do i add multiple email address

    You can add Multiple Address in the Admin Section from the Channels Menu --> Email. All you have to is simply add the email address and once done than all the email forwarded to that email address will be converted into the tickets & will be displayed on Display Tickets Page.

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