• Chatlio integration

    Setting up Chatlio Integration.

    Chatlio Integration will allow Agents to send the entire conversation history as a ticket in AzureDesk.

    Step 1. Navigate to Admin Menu in AzureDesk --> Integrations --> Slack--> Click on Slack.

    User navigate to Slack Page. Click on Add Slack Button. (Refer the screen shot)

    Step 2. Click on Authorize Button in order to allow AzureDesk to access you Slack App (Refer the screen shot.)

    Step 3. You will see the success message is displayed below.

    Step 4. For E.g.:  - When a Visitor comes at our website uses Chatlio for conversation, visitor conversation can also be converted into ticket. In the below screenshot the Potential Customer request information about converting Chatlio Conversations in to AzureDesk Ticket.

    Step 5. The message is received to support group which replies to the Customer. Using a Forward Slash + Ticket+ Enter in Slack the entire Conversation is converted into ticket.