• JIRA Integrations

    JIRA Integrations

    AzureDesk also Supports third party Integrations with JIRA.

    JIRA is a bug tracking tool used to track the bug or issues in the backend. AzureDesk is a helpdesk ticketing system which tracks the issues in the front end. So basically this integration helps in collabrating front end & backend together & keeping it in sync.

    User can set up JIRA Integrations by navigating to Admin menu --> Integrations --> JIRA & entering the JIRA credentials & JIRA domain URL


    Once the credentials are setup user should add JIRA Project & JIRA Project Key

    All the added Projects are displayed.




     User can also Edit & Delete JIRA Projects using Edit Delete


    JIRA IssueTypes & JIRA Priorities gets its predefined value based on JIRA Project

    Once the JIRA credentials are configured in Admin menu than user have access to JIRA Escalation on Update ticket page. User can now escalate any existing or new Azuredesk ticket to JIRA ticket.

    When user click on JIRA Escalation than a JIRA pop up is displayed where all the details about JIRA is to be added. Once the required information is provided click on Escalate Ticket than Azuredesk ticket is linked to JIRA ticket & all the JIRA information is displayed 

    Linked JIRA Ticket information is displayed

    JIRA Escalation Information is also displayed in Comment logs of AzureDesk Ticket

    Once the ticket is linked option for "Notes to JIRA Developers" is also available in the comment logs where user can comment in Azuredesk & same comment is synced in JIRA ticket & vice versa.

    Also JIRA linked ticket id  # ADJ-27 is also displayed for user to quickly navigate to JIRA ticket.

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