• ChargeDesk Integration

    ChargeDesk Integration.

    Setting up ChargeDesk Integration.

    ChargeDesk app helps in making automatic billing support pages & also helps in Receipts & Invoice of the Customer.

    Step1. Login to www.azuredesk.co

    Step2. Navigate to Display Ticket Page or Create New Ticket by clicking on Add at the top.

    Step3. On left side bar under Apps - - -> ChargeDesk.

    Step4. Login to ChargeDesk Account using Credentials.

    Step5. If credentials are correct then you shall get a message ChargeDesk Connected. Click on OK button.

    Step6. Click OK button & you are good to go.

    Features of ChargeDesk.

    ChargeDesk has 4 Button “Customer”, “New”,” Search”,” Settings”.

    Customer: - Customer tab allows you to search for Customer & its info about the charges & Create New Customer allows you toad new customer.

    New: - New tab allows you to add new Bill to you Customer.

    Search: - Search tabs allows you to search for information regarding Customer.

    Settings: - Settings tab allows you to Disconnect from the App.



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