• Setting up Slack Integration

    Setting up Slack Integration

    Slack integration allows your agents to send messages to Slack channels from AzureDesk tickets along with ticket details. This allows you to collaborate with your Slack team members as & when required.

    Slack Integration 

     Navigate to Admin Menu in AzureDesk --> Integrations --> Slack--> Click on Slack.

    User navigates to Slack Page. Click on Add to Slack button (refer screen shot)

    Click on Authorize button in order to allow AzureDesk to access your Slack App  (refer screen shot)

    You will see the success message as displayed below.

    Navigate to Display Tickets. Click on Ticket id # 2 (example).

    In Apps side bar Expand the Slack App --> Select one of Slack Channel from the drop down menu --> Enter Description/message --> Click on Post Message

    Once done User in Slack channel is notified with ticket id# & the message from the Agent as shown in gif

    If you need to uninstall the Slack integration for any reason, you can do so by navigating to Admin Menu --> Integration --> Slack --> Click on Delete.

  • How to use the Slack App

    Check how to use the Slack App

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