• Track Request Page

    Track Requests.

    Track Request helps the Customer to independently track all his Tickets & reply to multiple tickets.

     Navigate to Support Centre Page, and Click on “Track Request”.

    Customer shall enter his Email Id & Click on Send Link.

    An Email will be sent to Customer Email Address.

    Customer can Click on the “following Link” whichwill open the data where Customer can see the details of the Ticket & add Comments in the Ticket too.

    The Customer can update his Comments in Multiple Tickets.

    On Clicking the Submit Button he following message is displayed.

    We can verify the Comments via Ticket seeing it in Comments Log.

  • Submit Request

    Submit Request.

    Prospective Customers are the one who will use the Submit Request. Navigate to Support Centre Page, and Click on “Submit Request”.

    For E.g.: - When a Prospective Customer wants to enquire about your Product he will contact you by Submit Request which will be converted into a Ticket so no Customer is Lost.

    Fill in all the Required Details & then Click on Submit.

    You can Add Atttachemnts & Use other Rich Text Box Function also.

    Clicking Submit the you get a message “Request Submitted Sucessfully”

    The Version & Zip Code showed in the Image are Ticket Fields more information on that is available in Ticket Fields.

  • Support Center

    Support Center

    Support Center helps in answering your customers questions in your absence. So easy access to information is the key for efficient customer support. It saves time,energy & also keeps customers engaged which increases the chances of your customer staying with you.

    Support Center displays data from Knowledge Base, Trending Topics & Dynamic Search that helps you to search all the available information on the site; which results in lesser Support emails.

    Knowledge Base (FAQ)

    Knowledge Base displays all the questions added in the Admin section of  KB

    Trending Topics 

    Trending topics are Topics & Articles added in Admin Section are displayed on Support Home Page

    Dynamic Search

    Dynamic Search helps to search Knowledge Base FAQ & Trending Topics right from the first key stroke which becomes easier for the user to filter the search & also save lots of time in getting the correct information.

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