• How to Delete tickets

    How to Delete Tickets

    Tickets can be deleted from Display Ticket Page. User gets a confirmation before the ticket deletion because delete is a permanent action & cannot be recovered once deleted.

  • Viewing the Recent-most Activity of a Ticket

    Viewing the Last Activity of a Ticket

    In order to view the recent activity of a ticket user does not have to manually open the ticket. Mouse over on Subject column of display ticket will display the gist of a ticket which includes ticket id #, subject,  Status, Priority, & latest comment added along with the date.

    This helps user to get a glance of what is happening in the ticket & does not have to open the ticket. It is the most convenient way to know what is happening in the ticket.

  • Filtering the Tickets

    Display Ticket page also has Filter Option which makes it easier for user to filter & track tickets based on Tags, status, priority, Assignee, Customer or Company. Filtering by all means.

  • Display Tickets

    Display Tickets displays the list of all the tickets that are created. Tickets are created with unique Ticket id #, Customer Name, Company Name, Subject, Assignee, Priority, Status, Updated by & Delete option

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