• FreshBooks Integration

    Authentication Token for AzureDesk.

    Step1. Navigate to freshBooks.com.

    Step2. Login to FreshBooks using the FreshBooks credentials.

    Step3. Navigate to My Accounts (Top Conner).

    Step4. Click on Freshbooks API Sub-tab.

    Step5. Copy your Authentication Token.

    Setting up FreshBooks in AzureDesk & Creation Invoice.

    Step1. Navigate to Azuredeks.co

    Step2. Click on Setting - -> Integrations - -> Freshbooks.

    Step3. If the Credentials are correct it will display a message “FreshBooks has been Set Successfully”.

    Step4. Navigate to Display ticket Page open a Ticket or create a new Ticket.

    Step3. On right side under Apps - - > Freshbooks


    Step4. Including all the details in “Line-0” & by clicking the Add button we can include more lines in the Invoice.

    Step5 Click on the Submit button, it will create invoice for the Customer.

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