• When Ticket Arrives in MailBox

    Rule-When Ticket arrives in Mailbox.

    When a Customer sends an Email to our Mailbox created Id a Ticket is created & the group should the Email notification. We shall explain the same in details.

    For e.g.:- A} A Customer T. J. Miller sends an Email on sales@piedpiper.azuredesk.co

    B} The Rule is set “When a New arrives in Mail Box an Email Notification is sent to the Sales group.

    C} Rule is executed and an Email notification is received to all Members of the Sales Group.    

    When a New Ticket Arrives in Mail box, condition is selected then in Action Send Automatic Reply to Customer is Disable by Default.

  • Rule-Slack Notification

    Rule-Slack Notification.

    How a Rule can send a Notification to Slack Group.

    For E.g.:- A} User has setup a Team for Demo as "Kdemo". Rules is set as when the word "Demo" is used in Subject or Description it shall send Message to the "Kdemo" Team via Slack.


    B} Customer Email`s for the Demo on Support Id or any Email Id User sets it shall create a Ticket.

    C} Customer Email creates a ticket.

    D} Rule is Executed & Slack Notification is received.

    For More Details on  Rules.

  • Rules


    Rules are Business rules that defines the Action once the ticket is created, update, any or particular word in Subject or Description, Priority, Status etc. With AzureDesk, you get to set the rules for what it should do, and how it should behave under which Condition.

    Setting Rule.

    Step1. Login to AzureDesk, Navigate to Left Side Menu bar - - -> Setting- - -> Rules.


    Step2. Click on New

    Step3. Set Name of Rule.

    Step4. Add Description to the Rule.

    Step5. Setting Conditions for Rules.

    Conditions can be set by selecting one of the option ANY or ALL from Drop Down of “when a tickets matches”, “of the following” Drop Down have Subject, Description, When Ticket Arrives in Mailbox etc. For E.g.: - “When a ticket arrives in Mailbox”.

    Step6. Setting Action for the Condition set.

    User has 2 option here “Sending Email Notification to Group” & “Sending Email Notification to Agent.” User can either notify a Particular Group for the Email received or an Agent Induvial. For E.g.: - “Send Email Notification to Group”


    Step7. Click on Save Changes Button the Rule will be set.  

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